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Understand your market and your competition to strategically plan for enrollment success.

Take Your Team to the Next Level of Planning With Insights Cloud™

Insights Cloud will empower you to take your strategic planning to the next level with all Market Insights has to offer. Get the ability to monitor your funnel, create customized goal trackers, view digital marketing analytics, understand your student search ROI, and receive strategic enrollment consulting to advance your team’s strategies and implementation.


Market Analysis

Visualize five years of historical market data from Encoura, ACT®, and National Student Clearinghouse® to inform your future recruitment strategies.

Competitor Insights

Explore insights revealing your top competition and comparing your current and historical results to theirs.

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Ahead of the Competition

This partnership with Encoura has really benefited us. The last couple of years have been tough on most schools, but the information we get–and the quality of the students we get from the Encoura programs–have a much higher propensity to engage and yield.”
Dean of Admission, University of Tulsa
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