Re-engage Prospective Students with Website Retargeting

It’s highly likely that every day your prospective students are being retargeted online with the things they’ve previously engaged in—shoes, coffee, and more. Display ads for higher education institutions should also be top-of-mind; with website retargeting—an inbound marketing for higher education tactic—your institution can stay relevant with students who have previously viewed your website.


How Website Retargeting Works

Think about the last time you searched the web with intent to buy something—like a new pair of shoes. Then think about what happened the next time you logged on to Facebook or Instagram; that pair of shoes appeared as an ad. Now, imagine you could stay connected with students who have visited your website—after they leave it—by serving them ads on top platforms that get them to visit again and take action.

For example, let’s say a student previously engaged with your email that had a call-to-action on a landing page that promoted campus visits. Instead of registering, that student navigated away from your website. With website retargeting, you can re-engage prospects who previously visited your website, but did not complete a conversion.

Because these prospects have previously demonstrated their interest in your institution—it’s important to remind them of your value through additional targeted messages that get them to convert. This tactic can be used throughout the enrollment funnel to keep students engaged.

Creative Examples

Northeastern State University

In Northeastern State University’s retargeting ad, they’re reminding prospective students of the start of their spring semester. Including a date in retargeting ads reminds your audience to take action by a specific time.

University of Houston

The University of Houston’s retargeting ad uses aspirational messaging to entice prospective students to come back to their website to learn more. When beginning website retargeting strategies, this type of messaging is effective in gaining website views.

Related Tactics

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