Get a Second Chance to Reach Students and Families with Custom Audience Targeting

With custom audience targeting (CAT), you can reach prospective students who you already know or have previously shown online interest in your college or university. Who doesn’t want a second chance to remind a prospect of your school’s financial, social, and academic value?


How Custom Audience Targeting Works

Imagine your institution had another chance to grab a prospective student’s attention. With custom audience targeting, you have the ability to optimize the data you already have to further engage a select group of prospective students who have previously visited or taken action on a specific web page.

For example, custom audience targeting allows you to target those who visited your application page but didn’t start their application. You can also create an audience of prospective students who viewed your campus visit page within the last 60 days.

Because you target based on existing audiences and their actions, institutions use this tactic to remind prospective students to act on their application, housing, deposit, and more.

Creative Examples


Emory University

Emory University used inclusive language to appeal to a wide variety of prospective Gen Z students. This ad had a clear message—to inspire applications with social-focused language.


Elmira College

Elimira College used CAT to entice prospective students with study abroad opportunities. This type of messaging—which included messaging on their 40% study abroad rate—is an effective way to further entice action on the ad.


New England Institute of Technology

Similar to Elmira College, the New England Institute of Technology used a statistic-based static ad approach to encourage applications via the promotion of 94% of their students receiving financial aid.

Related Tactics

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