Keep Students and Families Engaged with Streaming Audio

With streaming audio, you can reach students and their families while they’re listening to music, podcasts, and news. Higher education programmatic advertising via streaming audio ads can run before, during, and after audio and can include a visual element featuring a call to action—like a button to your institution’s application page.


How Streaming Audio Works

Imagine you could reach students and their families everywhere—while they’re traveling, at practice, or relaxing at home. With streaming programmatic audio, you can stay in front of them on Spotify, Pandora, podcasts, and more.

For example, think of the many connected devices in your home—phones, smart speakers, tablets, and desktops. You can reach families based on their listening habits before, during, or after their favorite songs and episodes.

Because streaming audio works much like radio, it has a wide reach, but with measurability—allowing you to use clickable and trackable CTAs on cost-effective platforms where students and their families are already engaged.

Creative Examples

Salem State University

In this 60 second streaming audio clip, Salem State University covered their benefits of attending while using the last several seconds to plug their limited-time free application as a CTA.

Reinhardt University

In this 30 second streaming audio clip, Reinhardt University used this spot to appeal to prospective graduate students who are seeking a change in career paths, skills, etc.

Anderson University

In this 45 second streaming audio clip, Anderson University promoted the perks of their undergraduate and graduate online programs; Anderson aimed to reach a wider net of prospective students who may be interested in online or hybrid programs.

Related Tactics

Engage with prospective students using the right creative at the right time on the right channels with Encoura’s Digital Solutions.

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