Understand the Goals and Concerns of Adults With Adult Learner Mindsets™

Boost engagement by applying persona-based mindsets to your prospective adult student marketing strategy.

Adult Learner Mindsets Defined

The Adult Learner Mindsets serve as descriptive guideposts to the variety of behaviors, preferences, and attitudes of today’s adults. Gain a differentiated understanding of how adult learners view the prospect of returning to school, including their distinct career and non-career expectations for continuing their educations.

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Career Investment™

These adult learners are ready to move ahead in their fields or with their employers.

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Career Renewal™

These adult learners want to switch careers, get a new job, or maybe even start their own businesses.

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Career Through Academics™

These adult learners are looking for a rigorous program with great faculty that will accelerate their careers.

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Personal Discovery™

These adult learners want to satisfy their curiosities and learn new skills, but not necessarily for their jobs.

Recruit & Engage More Effectively With Adult Learner Mindsets

Encoura has helped colleges and universities leverage Adult Learner Mindsets across the full funnel.

Recruit by Showcasing Program and Institutional Fit

Learn the features that matter most to each Adult Mindset to speak to key points like tuition, program options, and program length.

Support With Messaging That Resonates With Their Motivations

Tailor your messaging to each of the Mindsets to best support these learners’ interests, creativity, and intellectual curiosities.

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Adult Learner Mindsets in Action

Our consulting team works with institutions like yours to implement and execute the Adult Learner Mindsets across your communications and other touchpoints. Reach out to us below to discuss partnering with Encoura to implement this strategy across your funnel.