Understand Your Market to Set Your Institution Apart and Recruit Prospective Students

Understand your market, competition, brand sentiment, and industry with Encoura's forward-thinking research and insights.

Master Your Market Nationally, Regionally, and Locally

Before you set enrollment goals, send recruiters on the road, or deliver marketing materials to prospective students, ensure that you understand the academic interests, mindsets, and demographics of your student market and at specific high schools. Assess your overall market opportunities and leverage over 35 filters to focus your goals and outreach on students most likely to enroll.

Insights Cloud™

With the largest combination of ACT®, Encoura, and National Student Clearinghouse® data, Insights Cloud provides you the most comprehensive insights into your prospective students.

Get Insights on Your Competitors to Stay One Step Ahead

Get ahead of other institutions by comparing your institution’s funnel performance to your competitors. Refine your recruitment and communication strategy by narrowing down from hundreds of other institutions to focus on institutions of similar size, type, or location.

Insights Cloud: Competitive Insights

Competitive benchmarking allows your institution to benchmark how your funnel compares to institutions with similar attributes. You can track annual enrollment by student characteristics and academic program interest with competitive insights.

Refine Your Institutional Identity & Brand Sentiment

Better understand how students view your brand, your competition, and your communication strategy with industry-leading research and advisory services from Eduventures. Unify messages coming from departments across your campus to effectively communicate your institution’s identity to prospective students and families.

Eduventures' Prospective Student Brand Research™ Word Cloud

With the Prospective Student Research Word Cloud, you can view the specific words and sentiment that your prospective students are using to describe your institution.

Solidify Your Best Academic Programs Today & for the Future

Leverage Eduventures’ industry-leading student demand and labor market research to launch and maintain academic programs with long-lasting success. Gain strategic consulting on up to 25 programs–or focus in on a specific program–to unite your campus behind data-driven program decisions.

Program Strength Assessment Scorecard

Benchmark the strength of your programs compared to regional and national markets using market demand indicators, the regional labor market, the competitive landscape, and your program’s unique performance record with Eduventures’ Program Strength Assessment.

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