Master Your Prospective Student Marketing With the Eduventures® Student Sentiment Research™

Gain insights on student perceptions about institutional marketing and communication, as well as students’ college search behaviors, to shape your prospective student outreach.

Take Your Institution's Engagement to the Next Level

Our Student Sentiment Research highlights key insights on college search behaviors and institutional outreach perceptions of college-bound high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Institutions are using their Student Sentiment Research to enliven the recruiting experience to better engage students and set themselves apart from their competition.

Revitalize Your Student Recruitment

Boost Prospective Student Engagement

Find where students are primarily seeking institutional content to secure your best chance of engagement with these students.

Elevate Your Marketing and Recruitment Strategy

Optimize your marketing and recruiting efforts by refining digital ad techniques around student perceptions and expectations.

Balance In-Person & Virtual Outreach

Understand how to most effectively balance your in-person and virtual recruitment by understanding student demand.

Enhance Your Early Search Strategies

Gain insight on how students of different high school years are uniquely engaging with colleges to segment your outreach by class year.

Your Student Sentiment Research Deliverables

Initial Sample Report of Your Institution’s Responses

Ahead of delivery of your completed report, you’ll receive a sample of your Student Sentiment Research report in the Encoura Platform.

Access to Results in the Encoura Platform

Make informed decisions regarding recruitment, enrollment, and support services for today’s student population.

Strategic Discussion With an Expert Advisor

An expert from our research team will highlight key findings and recommendations for you and your enrollment management team to make the most out of your data.

Student Search Strategies Dashboard

Understand the five distinct strategies that students inherently use to identify which schools they will select to apply to and enroll. Leverage this dashboard to strategically employ specific communication methods for each type of student.

College Search Process Dashboard

Learn how students from each grade level prefer to engage with institutional marketing, including stealth activities that they are engaging in to learn about your institution before directly connecting with you. Leverage this dashboard to focus your resources where students are most likely to seek information.

Student Social Media Use Dashboard

Discover how today’s students are using social media in general and in their college search processes. Leverage this dashboard to ensure your social media presence and content align with howwhat students are engaging during their searches.

Virtual Search Activities from 2020 - 2022

Tap into Student Sentiment Research’s virtual search activities visuals to shape your brand, marketing, and recruiting according to how students are actively approaching their college searches.


Eduventures’ annual Student Sentiment Research provides first-hand insights on student perceptions about institutional marketing and communication as well as students’ inherent college search behaviors. This research is based on a national survey of college-bound high school seniors, juniors, and sophomores. Invitations are distributed in the spring via email. Respondents are asked questions about their college search experiences, use of specific communication channels, and reactions to institutional outreach.

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