Prioritize Innovation With the Eduventures® Program Strength Assessment

Objectively identify where your program strengths intersect with traditional, adult, and graduate students’ values so you can create a productive and distinctive program portfolio.

A Data-Driven Way for Leadership to Evaluate Programs

Our Program Strength Assessment is a data-driven tool for higher education leaders to objectively evaluate their academic programs against internal and external benchmarks. Institutions use their tailored results to make strategic changes to their academic portfolios to drive future growth.

Determine Opportunities to Expand Your Enrollment

Benchmark the Strength of Your Programs Compared to Peer Institutions

See how your program compares to others, including your competition, to refine your recruiting and marketing efforts.

Strengthen the Reputation of Your Institution

Better understand your academic program strengths—and opportunities to apply changes—to enhance your brand communications.

Identify Programs That Meet Market Demand and/or Face Current and Future Challenges

Uncover which programs are growing in the market and which are seeing a decline to strategically invest your resources.

Create a Focused and Distinctive Academic Portfolio

Apply insights on the market to your portfolio and communications to set your programs apart from the other institutions.

Your Program Strength Assessment Deliverables

Report of Your Institution’s Findings

You’ll receive a detailed report that helps identify programs that meet market demand as well as programs that face current challenges in the market.

Strategic Discussion With an Expert Advisor

An expert from our research team will highlight key findings and recommendations for you and your enrollment management team to make the most out of your Program Strength Assessment.

Program Strength Assessment Scorecard

Evaluate your institution’s program investments based on this matrix that charts internal program performance versus external market opportunity–highlighting which programs you should monitor, which you should maintain, which you should evaluate, and in which you should invest.

Timing of College Search

This sample Program Strength Assessment Scorecard highlights specific strategic recommendations for this institution per program to inform its program investment and innovation decisions.


Eduventures brings together the range of metrics previously outlined to judge program performance and prospects. Each program is scored on a number of external and internal metrics. The external metrics are based on regional and national program “health” and the corresponding labor market. The internal metrics are based on program performance supplied by your institution, where available. Both the internal and external metrics are converted into 10-point scores, for each program. The 10-point scores are based on the relative performance of a program against the other programs at your institution.

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