Understand Student Choices With Admitted Student Research™

Gain a deeper understanding of why your admitted students are enrolling–or not enrolling–at your institution to tailor your marketing and recruiting strategies.

Speak to Specific Admitted Student Population Preferences

Texas Tech University used its real-time Admitted Student Research data to quickly shape communications by understanding students’ Mindsets and the most important factors in their college considerations.

Strengthen Enrollment Strategies With Admitted Student Research

Learn More About Your Brand Perception and Identity

Learn what your admitted students think about your institution, including career prep, academics, and more, to strengthen your brand.

Tailor Your Recruitment and Yield Strategy for Specific Student Types

Understand what’s top-of-mind for admitted students–both enrolling and non-enrolling–to strategically reach specific student types.

Make Data-Driven Decisions to Improve Programming, Communication, and Financial Aid

Understand admitted students’ preferred communication channels, financial considerations, and enrollment decision criteria.

See Where Your Institution Stands Against the Competition

Gain insights on admitted students’ other top schools, where your institution ranks for consideration, and who your true competitors are.

Your Admitted Student Research Deliverables

Initial Sample Report of Your Institution’s Responses

Ahead of delivery of your completed report, you’ll receive a sample of your Admitted Student Research report in the Encoura Platform.

Access to Results in the Encoura Platform

Visualize your admitted students’ enrollment decision criteria, academic plans, institutional perceptions, and more. Segment according to geography and major interest to personalize your recruitment and communications.

Strategic Discussion With an Expert Advisor

An expert from our research team will highlight key findings and recommendations for you and your enrollment management team to make the most out of your data.

Student Profiles Dashboard

Compare and contrast your enrolling and non-enrolling admitted students on select demographic characteristics such as first-generation status and family household income. Leverage this dashboard to segment your student support and communications by student type.

Enrollment Decision Dashboard

Learn the key enrollment drivers for your admitted students to understand their top influencers and identify the gaps between enrolling and non-enrolling students on key factors such as core academic experience and career preparation.

Institutional Perceptions Dashboard

Explore the gaps in the perceptions of your institution between enrolling and non-enrolling students on specific areas such as academics and affordability to drive future messaging that best communicates your institution’s attributes.

Enrollment Decisions

Leverage this interactive dashboard to filter by demographics, geography, student type, and more to gain insights on why specific groups of students are choosing to enroll in your institution or elsewhere.


Eduventures® Research will design, host, and deliver an online survey of admitted students to a national sample on behalf of our subscribers. We strongly recommend that you provide a list of your admitted students to get the most out of this survey.


Session Number Admitted Student List Due to Eduventures Access to Survey Results in Encoura Platform
1 March 6, 2024 End of June 2024
2 May 6, 2024 End of August 2024
3 June 6, 2024* September 2024
4 August 14, 2024 October 2024
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