Get a Customized Analysis With the Eduventures® Program Feasibility Study

Receive an in-depth, highly customized analysis on a specific program within any degree, certificate, or alternative credentials program.

Research That’s Meaningful and Specific to Your Institution

Our Program Feasibility Studies are directly informed by market data and student insights. Participating in a Program Feasibility Study provides guidance on launching or growing a specific program by answering key questions about academic expectations and market trends.

Actionable Insights Drawing on Key Data

Understand How Labor Market Demand Aligns to Specific Degree Offerings

Recognize the opportunity for program launch/sustainability based on supply and demand indicators.

Stay Ahead of the Competition With Market Offerings and Differentiations

Understand who the major competitors are for a given program market, along with their program differentiators.

Access Proprietary In-House & Custom Data From Industry Experts

Receive objective assessments of the health of program fields according to demand, competition, student research, and labor market trends.

Your Program Feasibility Study Deliverables

Report of Your Institution’s Findings

You’ll receive a detailed custom report that examines a single academic program, assessing its sustainability or viability. This research is largely informed by consumer insights—prospective students!

Strategic Discussion With an Expert Advisor

An expert from our research team will highlight key findings and recommendations for you and your enrollment management team to make the most out of your Program Feasibility Study.

Actionable Visualizations

Leverage visualizations of your Program Feasibility Study to share data and strategic decisions with your team and stakeholders across your institution.

Application Drivers

Caption: Leverage your institution’s specific application drivers, as revealed by Program Feasibility Study visuals like this one, to refine your marketing messaging and boost enrollment.


Eduventures leverages program demand, the competitive landscape, labor market demand, and a competitive analysis to investigate markets for specific degrees examined. This analysis includes findings from IPEDS, NCEs, CIP codes, and proprietary data that’s specific to the area of your study.

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