Support Students’ Next Steps and Experiences With Life After High School Mindsets™

Identify the five distinct personas among the nearly 38% of high school graduates who say “no” to college immediately after high school graduation.

The Eduventures® Life After High School Mindsets Defined

These Mindsets illustrate the different pathways students imagine for the next five years of their lives and speak to students' differing emphases on post-high school expectations, anticipated experiences, and opportunities for further education and training. Because these students are often seeking on-the-job training, apprenticeships, non-degree options, and resources, in addition to potential future college education, higher education leaders should still consider marketing to them.

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Life Balance™

For these students, their job is important, but they want to travel and have a social life while prioritizing their families.

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Career First™

These students want a career and college isn’t a priority; they will continue their educations in other ways.

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School's Out™

These students want a job but will not pursue any additional education or training in the next five years.

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College Later™

These students know college is in the cards in the next five years—just not right now.

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Driven to Serve™

These students want to enlist in military service and might consider college after.

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Life After High School Mindsets in Action

Our consulting team works with institutions like yours to understand and support students through the Life After High School Mindsets. Reach out to us below to learn more about this research, and for resources on how to support this group.