Assess What’s Most Important to Guardians With Prospective Parent Mindsets™

The Eduventures® Parent Mindsets reveal guardians’ imagined paths for their students through college by assessing the importance they place on college experiences, financial expectations, and key application decision criteria.

The Eduventures® Parent Mindsets Defined

The core identity of each of these five Mindsets remains the same as we see in students. However, across the board, parents/guardians place a higher importance on the strength of academics and career outcomes as well as value immediate ROI on the college experience. By learning about the Parent Mindsets, your institution can understand how to best reach and support parents in their roles during the college search process.

Institutions use these key insights to understand what’s on the minds of parents/guardians throughout the college search and enrollment processes to refine their marketing and communication strategies to this key group.

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Social Focus™

For these parents, college is about balancing the important social aspects of college with academics and a pathway to a good career.

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Career Through Academics™

This group of parents believes college is about finding your way to a solid career through a balance of academic and career activities.

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Career Pragmatist™

College is about finding your way to a career at an affordable cost through campus community for these parents.

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Exploration and Meaning™

For these parents, college is about developing the ability to learn continually and lead a meaningful life.

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Grad School Bound™

Grad School Bound parents see college as setting the academic and technical foundation for a future in graduate or professional school.

Recruit & Engage More Effectively With Parent Mindsets

Encoura has helped colleges and universities leverage Parent Mindsets across the full funnel.

Learn About Parent / Guardian Roles in the College Search

Understand a parent’s involvement in their child’s college search to fill in information gaps where needed—keeping expectations in mind.

Identify How to Best Support the Whole Family

Recognize both the student’s and the parent’s Mindsets to provide the best support throughout their college decision-making process.

Optimize Your Marketing and Recruiting Efforts

Improve your marketing through segmentation to stay top-of-mind with families who have varying expectations for undergraduate educations.

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Prospective Parent Mindsets in Action

Our consulting team works with institutions like yours to implement and execute the Parent Mindsets across your communications and other touchpoints. Reach out to us below to discuss partnering with Encoura to implement this strategy across your funnel.