Improve the Effectiveness of Your Marketing With Transfer Student Types™

Recognize the specific backgrounds, needs, and concerns of today’s transfer students to successfully recruit with a persona-based approach.

Transfer Student Types Defined

Understanding your current transfer students will give you an indication of why transfer prospects are looking at you—plus which Transfer Student Types you might be missing. While you should always talk to transfer prospects about cost and credit transfers, there are other relevant messages that may currently be missing from your outreach to specific students.

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Life Happens

Personal circumstances have changed for these students, and now they are looking for a more flexible or affordable education option, often in a new location.

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Trading Up

These students seek more prestige and rigor. Some also want to spread their wings and move farther from home.

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Help Wanted

Looking for a change, these students are often driven by academic struggles. They seek better support services and more flexibility.

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Find My Passion

These students want a school that offers a specific program or location, which they perceive to be a better choice than their current school.

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Follow the Plan

Transferring to a more rigorous school was always part of the plan. These students seek a specific location and a school that will likely accept them.

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Cost Saver

These students always wanted to transfer to save money. Cost is the single most important factor in selecting a transfer school.

Recruit & Engage More Effectively With Transfer Student Types

Encoura has helped colleges and universities leverage Parent Mindsets across the full funnel.

Understand Transfer Students’ Motivations

Recognize what transfer students are uniquely looking for in their next institutions to demonstrate how your institution fits those needs.

Gain Insight Into Why Students Want to Transfer

Discern if students always intended to transfer or have had changes in life circumstances to personalize your support and resources.

Enhance Messaging to Speak Directly to Concerns About Transferring

Understand concerns unique to each Transfer Type to enhance your marketing with messaging that speaks directly to them.

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Transfer Student Types in Action

Our consulting team works with institutions like yours to implement and execute the Transfer Student Types across your communications and other touchpoints. Reach out to us below to discuss partnering with Encoura to implement this strategy across your funnel.