CHLOE 4 – Navigating the Mainstream


CHLOE 4 Finds More Institutions with Chief Online Officers, but Online Orientation for Students Still Uncommon

In its fourth year, the Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE) Survey — a survey of Chief Online Officers (COOs) — continues to expand, with 367 U.S. colleges and universities responding, including public, private and for-profit institutions. That represents a 31% increase from CHLOE 3.

The results — available in the report CHLOE 4 The Changing Landscape of Online Education: Navigating the Mainstream — reflect how institutions have embraced online learning as well as the range of approaches they have taken to move online learning from the periphery to the mainstream, institution by institution.

Additional key findings include:

  • Growth of COO Position. Prior to 2000, only 15% of CHLOE 4 participating institutions had a COO role. Today, 100% of responding institutions do, with five out of eight positions developed in the past decade. Additionally, 60% of COOs report that their roles are expanding.
  • Faculty Preparation. Required preparation of faculty members to teach online was reported by 60% of respondents.
  • OPM Partnerships. OPM partnerships have doubled since 2017 – from 12% to 24%.
  • Support Services. Support services for online learners are largely handled by units that also serve the on-campus population. Some services such as student recruitment, orientation, and advising are more likely to be separately administered for online students.
  • Online Orientation. Online student orientation is surprisingly uncommon with only 30% of respondents reporting that it is required at their institutions.

This report was made possible through the partnership of Quality Matters and Eduventures Research — the research division of ACT® | NRCCUA® — and the support of sponsors iDesign, ExtensionEngine, and Instructional Connections.

The CHLOE 5 Survey, which will focus on issues such as governance of online programs, blended learning and the influence of subject matter on the design, and delivery of online programs, will be administered soon. If you are a Chief Online Officer and wish to participate in the next CHLOE Survey, or if you wish to nominate the COO at your institution, please contact Eduventures Research Senior Quantitative Analyst Mughees Khan.

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