Higher Education Technology Landscape Research

Easily analyze the higher education technology vendors and products available to you to help you make the best technology decisions for your institution.

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The Eduventures® Technology Landscape reports visualize over 300 technology vendors and their products in the areas of college-wide IT/enterprise backbone, admissions & enrollment management, advancement, and student success & instruction to provide insight to institutions considering technology acquisition.

Inclusion Methodology

Identifying which vendors fall under each market segment is a dynamic process. As part of our ongoing research, we routinely ask institutions to provide a list of the vendors they have prior relationships with, or are considering, within each of the market segments we profile. We also ask vendors to provide lists of their most common competitors within each segment. Finally, we ask institutions which vendors routinely come up in competitive bids for institution-wide contracts. Vendors are only included if they market a stand-alone product within a given segment—one that is not part of a bundle or requires a product from a different segment.

The Changing Landscape of Online Education  Research

The Changing Landscape of Online Education Research

Eduventures’ CHLOE reports reveal insights directly from Chief Online Officers around the nation to offer an overview of the current state of online learning in higher education, as well as insights into its future development.

Eduventures Wake-Up Calls

Eduventures Wake-Up Calls

The Wake-Up Call is a weekly analysis of higher education research, news, and survey data, as well as industry events, and insider perspectives – delivered to your inbox every Tuesday morning.

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