Identify New Academic Opportunities With the Eduventures® Program Explorer Study

Identify new program opportunities—at the undergraduate or graduate level—to expand market reach and drive enrollment growth.

Discover the Top Program Opportunities for Your Institution

Our experts will analyze industry data and score current and potential programs based on regional and national program health and the corresponding labor market. This analysis helps your team understand program growth and rank to make strategic academic decisions that drive enrollment.

Future-Proof Your Academic Portfolio

Pinpoint Where New Potential Program Opportunities Are

Get a review of all program classifications in your region to identify top opportunities based on the market.

Learn Where Your Program Ranks Within the Market

Visualize how each of your programs score in market health and how they compare to the strength of competitors’ programs.

Expand Market Reach and Drive Enrollment Growth for Specific Programs

Confidently make strategic program decisions based on market size, program health, labor market trends, modality competition, and more.

Your Program Explorer Study Deliverables

Report of Your Institution’s Findings

You’ll receive a detailed report that will aid your team in recognizing the health of existing programs and identifying your best program opportunities to drive enrollment growth.

Strategic Discussion With an Expert Advisor

An expert from our research team will highlight key findings and recommendations for you and your enrollment management team to make the most out of your Program Explorer Study.

Scoring and Recommendations

Receive specific, actionable recommendations that are backed by data to unite your campus stakeholders and move forward with your best program decisions.

Application Drivers

An Eduventures Program Explorer Study uncovers important program market insights specific to your institution, like this visual revealing the top master’s programs for a sample college’s region.


A Program Explorer Study is done in two phases: first, data collection and scoring, and second, analysis and recommendations. During the data collection and scoring phase, we’ll narrow down programs to analyze program market size, growth, wages, degree alignment, modality, and more. In the analysis and recommendations phase, our experts will analyze data generated from the data collection and scoring phase to develop recommendations, creating a PowerPoint for your team. This will include insights about programs and competitors.

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