Effectively Communicate Your Value With the Eduventures® Tuition & Pricing Study

Participate in a custom tuition and pricing study for your institution to set competitive tuition pricing and communicate your value.

Set Your Institution’s Tuition Prices & Communicate Your Value With Confidence

Eduventures’ Tuition and Pricing Studies deliver important insights into your brand, messaging, and pricing compared to competitors’ to empower you to confidently set your tuition and deliver value messaging that resonates with students and families.

Empower Your Institutional Brand & Tuition Strategy

Master Your Pricing & Messaging

Compare tuition, brand positioning, scholarship messaging, net revenue, and discount rates with up to eight competitors to stay competitive.

Ensure Your Brand is Proven to Resonate With Students

Learn how your institution’s brand compares to key competitors and test positioning statements from your proposed brand platform.

Set the Right Tuition for Your Institution

Understand what impact changes in sticker price might have on your institution’s potential application and/or enrollment volume.

Your Tuition and Pricing Study Deliverables

Report of Actionable Recommendations

Gain insights into how today’s students are responding to tuition pricing, how your competitors are behaving, and specific recommendations that will set your institution up for successful tuition pricing and messaging.

Demand and Revenue Simulator

Visualize demand curves, enrollment, and headcount in various scenarios and at various prices. Leverage this simulator to strategically set institutional pricing that hits both your enrollment and revenue goals.

Market Share Simulator

Understand how your institution’s potential share of applicants changes at different price points within a competitive set of colleges. Leverage this simulator to set pricing that attracts students considering your competing institutions.

Demand - Probability of Application Chart

Set the best tuition price for your institution by visualizing how your student demand and applications would directly respond to changes in price.


Eduventures will leverage any combination of our proprietary research, competitive institutional profiles, and prospective student surveys to assess an institution’s competitive pricing landscape and provide recommendations. 

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