Grow & Shape Your Class in New Markets With Opportunity+™

Strategically increase your enrollment from new markets with Encoura’s latest data science–predictive models that weave seamlessly into your student search.

Encoura’s Opportunity+ identifies students who are up to 3x more likely to be interested in schools like yours, which gives your institution the chance to reach these students ahead of similar institutions.

Reach the Right Students and Promote Your Brand With Opportunity+

Finding prospects in new markets using a traditional predictive model often means you must sacrifice something—either your number of students or confidence that they’ll be interested in your institution.

With Encoura’s Opportunity+, you can focus on students who have the most potential to be a part of your next class, all while:

  • Reaching students willing to travel.
  • Diversifying your incoming classes.
  • Strengthening your existing student data by filling gaps (when combined with eMatch®).
  • Increasing awareness of your brand

Solidify Your New Markets Strategy with Encoura’s Opportunity+

Find your best new markets by applying a Travel Score or the Opportunity Score (or both simultaneously!) to your student search before finalizing your list–maximizing your budget.

Travel Score

Predicts if a student is likely to travel for school–either out of state or 200+ miles from home–allowing your institution to:

  • Expand into new geographical markets with less risk.
  • Find students who actively want to leave their immediate home areas.
  • Identify students in your primary market who may need additional support to consider staying close to home.

Opportunity Score

Predicts if a student is likely to be interested in a college or university similar to yours before the student actually inquires, allowing your institution to:

  • Confidently increase your prospects and inquiries by finding students who are interested in colleges that have similar attributes to yours.
  • Build brand awareness and relationships with prospective students before they engage with other colleges similar to yours.
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