Don't Make These Top 3 Yield Mistakes

Are you making these three mistakes during the yield season?

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My name is Chris Tyburski, vice president for higher education consulting here at Encoura with today's Enrollminute.

Competition is fierce out there. Students and families are becoming savvier shoppers, and the pressure to make your class is never going to go away. Yet we're still seeing folks make these three mistakes when they think about yield.

First, recruiting for deposits and not for enrollment.

Once the students deposit comes in, many colleges change from relationship building to conducting transactions. Remember, your competition is trying to recruit that student away from you all the way through the first day of class.

Second, even the term yield season is a misnomer.

Yield doesn't begin at the point of admission—it begins when you first engage a student in their family. Every touchpoint matters and is an opportunity for you to win or lose that student.

Finally, students and their families have unique needs and mindsets.

If you treat them all the same, you're likely to show yourself as an okay option, but not as a first choice, and certainly not as their final choice. So segment your communications and prepare your team with the best student data possible to make sure that every call, text, email and visit gets the right note with the right students.

Even though you're in the thick of it right now. It's worth taking a step back to make sure you're not making these three mistakes:

  1. Recruiting for deposits and not for enrollments,
  2. Thinking yield season starts at the point of admission, and
  3. Treating every student the same.

Good luck and we hope you yield an amazing class!

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