Take Your Student Search to the Next Level With the Encoura Combined Data Set

Access nearly 8 million student profiles–sourced from Encoura’s college planning program, Encourage®, and ACT®–to search and shape your best classes year over year.

The Right Data Meets the Right Data Science

Search students with Encoura’s Combined Data Set to receive ACT and Encoura data in the Encoura Platform, empowering you to leverage strategic search filters, data science, advanced analytics, and institution-specific research to enroll your best-fit students.

Higher Education’s Most Robust Data Set

  • Explore nearly 8 million high school student profiles–filtering by geography, academics, interests, and more–to connect with your ideal prospective students and strengthen your enrollment funnel.

Enhanced Profiles With Student Personas

  • Get the insight you need to make emotional connections with students and drive engagement with Student Mindsets™, developed by our Eduventures® Research division and included in every Encoura student profile.

Compatible With Encoura Predictive Models

  • Search students more precisely, and ensure you’re best allocating your resources by leveraging your Encoura predictive models to filter the data set before you commit to your student lists. 

Engage Your Best-Performing Students

Boost your enrollment by searching for students who are most likely to enroll at your college or university. Connect with students who are more open to engaging with you because of their familiarity with your institution.

Declared Student Connection™

  • Connect with students who have already expressed interest in your institution and are 6x more likely to enroll.

Affinity Connection™

  • Build on prospective students’ existing foundations of familiarity and connectedness with your school via alumni, faculty/staff, and current students. ​

Undiscovered Students

  • Identify and engage students not being contacted by other colleges to boost your enrollment and create access for all students.

Enhance Your Student & Family Data

Fill in information missing from your data to complete your student records by matching your records against the Encoura Combined Data Set or adding parent/guardian data.


  • Integrate your CRM to fill in your missing info (mailing address, email address, etc.) on prospective students and inquiries from other sources to expand your personalized outreach and marketing.

Parent/Guardian Profiles

  • Access the only double-validated parent/guardian data in the country so you have confidence that you are reaching parents/guardians that want to hear from you.

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Strengthen Your Encoura Combined Data Set Searches with Smart+®

Focus your recruiting efforts on high school students who are most likely to enroll in your institution with advanced predictive modeling. Smart+ leverages modern data science techniques that are proven to be most accurate and scores each student on their likelihood to enroll, empowering you to most wisely invest your resources.

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