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Research Round-Up: Reflecting on the Top Wake-Up Calls of 2023

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In 2023, AI was in the air. So was affirmative action—the landmark Supreme Court decision adding even more uncertainty to the current enrollment environment. A strong economy kept many away from college and the trend toward shorter-faster-cheaper credentials remained strong. Online enrollment grew again—boosted by the recent pandemic—but once the data rolls in, we’ll likely find that the growth in online programs outpaced demand.  

To take us into 2024 and beyond, we are looking back at our most-read posts from the past year. We hope this window into Eduventures Research and our work with colleges and universities across the country sparks fresh ideas and understanding for the future.  

Top Wake-Up Calls of 2023


Technologies that Support the Student Journey: Five Vendors to Watch

As we enter 2023, our conversations with higher education leaders have become increasingly focused on how to best support the student journey: improving support for admissions, bettering onboarding, and streamlining transfer student pathways, for example.

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The Rise of Data Science and Data Analytics Programs

While the rise of AI has received the lion’s share of national attention in recent months, let’s take a moment today to remember its not-so-distant cousins: data analytics and data science.

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Three Tips We Learned From Top College Communicators

Amid declining enrollments, growing applications, and increasing competition, standing out in inboxes, mailboxes, and on screens is not easy.

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Recharge Your Higher Education Online Strategy in 2023

Historically, online strategy has happened at the course or program level—often reduced to putting campus-based programs online to reach more students and counteract struggling enrollments.

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Five Ways to Jumpstart Parent Communication in 2023

At the end of a recent presentation of Eduventures Parent Research, I asked an audience of enrollment professionals if they thought they had good parent landing pages and requests for information (RFIs). Continue reading →Have We Cracked the Case of Missing Graduate Students? A Non-degree Market Boom

An eye-catching headline from the National Student Clearinghouse’s spring 2023 enrollment report: master’s and doctoral degree enrollment is down, but graduate certificates keep growing. Continue reading → 

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