Digital Channels That Reach Gen Z

51 mins

A decade ago, the enrollment management community had high hopes for social media and digital channels. Facebook was an emerging communication channel, and along with MySpace, was strongly competing for members. Together, they were widely regarded as the potential magic bullet to reaching and recruiting traditional-aged prospective students.

Since then, Facebook and Twitter have become household names among all age groups. But how much emphasis and budget should you put towards social media or does it work best when used as one of several key supporting elements of a balanced digital channel strategy? Data from Eduventures® Student Sentiment Survey™, featured in this webinar, identifies important opportunities for creating an effective digital strategy that includes social media.

Watch this webinar replay to learn:

  • The groups that are most responsive to social media as a means for engaging with higher ed institutions
  • Why social needs to be a portion of a larger digital strategy
  • How you can leverage mobile-based digital marketing to enhance your reach
  • Practical application strategies you can employ today