Digitally Engaging Grad and Adult Learners to Strengthen Recruitment

The webinar explores recent data on changing perspectives of adult and graduate students towards education in 2024, offering insights into adapting digital marketing strategies to effectively engage this demographic and boost recruitment efforts.

55 mins

In our recent webinar, we revealed new data suggesting important changes in how prospective adult and graduate students are thinking about education in 2024. How is your college or university adapting its digital marketing strategy to these changes to ensure you’re engaging today’s adult and graduate students with the best messaging for your specific programs?

In this webinar, Vice President of Digital Solutions Jason Stevens provides institutions with successful strategies for digitally engaging today’s adult and graduate students amid a constantly changing landscape. We discuss the latest research and best practices for marketing to this population.

You can expect to leave this webinar with a deeper understanding of today’s adult and graduate students and actionable insights on how to shape your marketing efforts today to boost your recruitment strategies.