Effects of COVID-19 on High School Students & College Choice

59 mins

College-bound high school students across the country are experiencing unprecedented disruption to their senior year of high school. They are feeling disconnected from friends, social events, and the norm of going to high school every day. They’ve lost the important rituals of senior year. One of these central rites of passage, their choice of and transition to college, has been thrown into turmoil.

This webinar is based on an Eduventures survey conducted in early April 2020 that garnered more than 7,000 responses from high school seniors nationwide. We discuss these findings and the impact that COVID-19 is having on their current high school experience and their ongoing college choice. Our analysis frames the conversation of how colleges can move forward in helping students make sense of college choice in an uncertain time. We explore key segments such as first-generation and low-income students and students in hard hit regions of the country.

Finally, we seek the insights of the higher education community as we analyze the data further and look forward to the in-depth Admitted Student Research we are preparing in the coming months.