How to Leverage Student Mindsets to Improve the Quality & Volume of Your Funnel

60 mins

When thinking about your funnel, getting your brand in front of the right fit students and standing out amongst the competition is now more important than ever. How can you be sure that you are dedicating your marketing resources to the right audience and on the right channel?

Over the past few years, many schools have been trying to figure out how to convert their students through the funnel at a higher rate with shrinking budgets. In this webinar, Eduventures Senior Analyst Johanna Trovato shares how you can utilize Eduventures Student Mindsets™ to speak directly to your students motivations and preferences in their college search process to best support and engage with them.

Johanna is joined by Enrollment Services Consultant Dustin Lowe and AVP for Enrollment Marketing Services Tye Mortensen. They share clear examples of how your institution can stand out amongst the competition to improve the quality and volume of your funnel, enabling you to develop your most strategic communication strategy for the year ahead.