Breaking Through the Noise with Efficient Student Engagement Strategies

60 mins

Recruiting in 2021 will certainly reflect the impact of 2020 on higher education enrollment. Hindsight is 2020! While the uncertainty of the past several months has provided us with unforeseen challenges, it also offered us guidance on how to better prepare for the future.

President Brent Ramdin is joined by University of Tampa’s AVP of Enrollment, Brent Benner, as well as Encoura Enrollment Consultant, Tye Mortensen, as they discuss how University of Tampa was able to navigate the challenges of the last recruitment cycle. The conversation focuses on the impact of test optional on admissions, the increased competition for out-of-state students, and the urgency to pivot to virtual recruiting methods.

Join us to learn how the University of Tampa is rising to the challenges of 2021 leveraging Encoura Data Lab and rolling out new practices. Participating will gain insights into best practices needed to make the class in 2021.