May the Master’s Enrollment Force Be With You

58 mins

Over the past few years, graduate enrollment has continuously ticked upward growing by 12% between 2013 and 2021. However, based on National Student Clearinghouse estimates, fall 2022 brought us the first graduate enrollment decline in almost a decade. If graduate enrollment growth is no longer a guarantee, other market tensions—like increased program competition, proliferating non-degree programs, and a falling graduate enrollment rate—become much more acute challenges.

In this webinar, Eduventures Senior Analyst Clint Raine equips institutions with findings from the latest Eduventures Masters Market Update™ and successful master’s program innovation strategies. He’ll discuss:

  • Current forces affecting the graduate market
  • Predictions for master’s enrollment over the next decade
  • Ideas for where to focus in the future

Gain a deeper understanding of the master’s market and actionable insights on how to shape their programs and recruiting efforts for the upcoming year to best serve today’s master’s students.

Watch May the Master’s Enrollment Force Be With You.