Navigating Student Mindset Shifts for Fall 2022

58 mins

Student mindset shifts are a reality. High school students are once again hopeful for a full-fledged traditional undergraduate college experience. While the pandemic caused many students to postpone their dreams of student life on campus, the upcoming year seems to be reigniting some of those hopes.

But what lingering effect will this past year’s experience have on the way current high school students approach their college choices? How can colleges and universities help students recover and reimagine what their college experiences might be going forward?

In this webinar, Eduventures Principal Analyst Kim Reid reveals how high school students have entered their senior years this fall with significant shifts in their Student Mindset about college. She shares how underserved students are changing their mindsets in unique ways from their peers, how to assess students’ expectations and goals as we come out of the pandemic, and how institutions can best reach and recruit prospective students given these notable shifts.