Online Higher Education Market Update: Consolidation, Demographics, & Outcomes

Explore the landscape of online higher education as we delve into market trends, student characteristics, and enrollment predictions. Gain insights to enhance your institution’s online programs and recruitment strategies.

55 mins

Online higher education, approaching its fourth decade, is mainstream at the program level for adult and graduate students, and at the course level for many traditional-aged undergraduates. Boosted by the pandemic—an experience that greatly widened exposure to online but emboldened both critics and enthusiasts—where does online go from here?

In this webinar, Eduventures Chief Research Officer Richard Garrett provides institutions important insights into the landscape of the online market with findings from the Eduventures Online Higher Education Market Update™.

You can expect to leave this webinar with a deeper understanding of today’s online market, as well as actionable insights on how to shape your online programs and recruiting efforts to successfully enroll incoming classes.