Program Innovation: Adapting to Today’s Demands

10 mins

Prospective college students are increasingly focused on the return-on-investment of their educations. The academic field of interest, and the career path to which it leads, are among the top enrollment criteria for college-bound students. Colleges and universities are responding to this demand by trying to offer academic programs which meet both student interest and labor market needs.

But sometimes, even programs which should be in high demand are not performing as well as expected. How can higher ed institutions increase enrollment and completion rates, and promote new programs, all while managing resource constraints, working within legacy infrastructures, and bringing skeptical staff members on board?

Based on research from the Eduventures Student Sentiment Survey™, and Eduventures Program Innovation advisory services, this webinar will help you understand:

  • How a successful program marketing strategy includes not only the right content but also the right channels
  • The importance of looking beyond conferrals and the labor market, and considering also the context of the program at a particular institution
  • Examples from colleges and universities that have successfully launched new programs, curricula, and beyond.