The Dynamic Duo: Successfully Balancing In-Person & Virtual Recruitment Strategies

58 mins

With May 1 in the rearview mirror, it’s time to balance anti-melt efforts with recruiting your future classes. As you move forward with outreach to new students, do you know what aspects of your past year’s communication plan worked for and against your enrollment?

Today’s high school students have very specific expectations about how they want to interact with colleges virtually and in person. Eduventures® annual Student Sentiment Research™ reveals first-hand insights on these prospective student perceptions about institutional marketing and communication, as well as students’ inherent college search behaviors.

In this webinar, Eduventures Principal Analyst Johanna Trovato and Vice President of Encoura Digital Solutions Jason Stevens will dive into findings from the latest Eduventures research, as well as proven digital marketing strategies toward high schoolers, including:

  • Adapting your campus visit strategy to students’ needs
  • Preferred communication channels by prospective students
  • Most effective digital marketing solutions to engage today’s students and families
  • Specific institution website examples most effective to reach Gen Z

Gain a deeper understanding of traditional undergraduate student communication preferences, as well as actionable insights on how to shape their marketing efforts for the upcoming year to best engage today’s college-bound students.

Join us for The Dynamic Duo: Successfully Balancing In-Person & Virtual Recruitment Strategies