The New Normal: Successfully Recruiting the Whole Family

16 mins

As we draw near to May 1, it’s crucial to start simultaneously focusing on engaging students for your 2024 start and beyond. However, these students have different needs and expectations from colleges wishing to recruit them to their institution.

Having attended most, if not all, of their high school years during the pandemic and amidst our country’s political and social turmoil, the generation of students currently in their college search are taking unique approaches to determining their postsecondary journeys. As a result, enrollment offices now face a new normal–including larger family participation, evolved communication channels, and shifted mindsets about college motivations–which must be understood in order to best recruit and market to today’s students.

You can expect to leave this webinar with a deeper understanding of traditional undergraduate student needs and motivations, as well as actionable insights on how to shape their recruiting efforts for the upcoming year to best engage today’s college-bound students.