The Shifting Preferences of Today’s Adult Undergraduate & Graduate Prospects

59 mins

As we finally seem to be resettling into post-pandemic enrollment trends, it’s important to evaluate how today’s adult undergraduate & graduate prospects are now making decisions about continuing their educations.

This population –including both undergraduate and graduate students– is showing that they are distinct from their 2019 counterparts. While adult students continue to have similar motivations as past years when considering postsecondary education, their commitment, modality preferences, credential interests, and fields of study have made noteworthy shifts.

Eduventures Senior Analyst Chris Gardiner dives into findings from the latest Eduventures Adult Prospect Research™ Survey, including:

  • Motivations of adults seeking postsecondary education
  • Shifting interest levels of adults in continuing their educations post-pandemic
  • Changing demand by credential type and modality
  • Field of study demand shifts by type of adult student

Gain a deeper understanding of the adult student market and actionable insights on how to shape their recruiting efforts for the upcoming year to best engage today’s adult students.