Transfer Student Marketing: A Persona-Based Approach

39 mins

Colleges and universities seeking to improve the effectiveness of their transfer student marketing intuitively know that not all transfer students are the same. To be successful, enrollment offices must use a persona-based approach to recruit transfer students. As one Director of Enrollment Marketing put it:

“Psychographic segmentation is the gold standard. If you understand how someone makes decisions—how they think—you can understand what is individually meaningful for that person.”

The most recent Eduventures Transfer Student Research reveals the six distinct types of transfer students every admissions office should be well-acquainted with. Join Eduventures Senior Analyst Johanna Trovato as she breaks down the latest findings into practical insights you can immediately apply to your transfer student marketing strategy.

Enrollment offices can use these findings to make more informed decisions about their transfer student marketing strategies, ultimately helping them best support and engage each Type of transfer student along their education journeys.