Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions to Advance Your College Fundraising Campaign

Develop and execute a community and alumni fundraising campaign with Encoura Digital Solutions that achieves your institution’s goals.

Highlight Your Institution’s Vision to Inspire Giving

People give to causes that excite them and values they can stand behind. Share your leadership’s vision for how the funds you raise will be spent in order to motivate your alumni and community members to donate.

Reach Alumni Who Have Grown Distant

Reconnect with your alumni through college fundraising digital marketing whose messaging reignites their school pride. Help them see how their gift can help them leave a lasting mark on your institution.

Assure People That Every Gift Counts

When only large alumni gifts make news headlines, some individuals may think smaller gifts are unnecessary or don’t matter to an alumni fundraising campaign. Challenge these assumptions by delivering digital marketing that assures them that any gift can make a difference.
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