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Although new to enrollment, the Assistant Vice President of Admissions at Cairn University knew how to engage students and how to lead teams. However, he knew that he needed the right partner and technology to get the best data to reach students and to professionally develop his new team. The enrollment leader was confident that with the best data science technology and a team that embraced ownership of their territories, they could deliver traditional and digital messaging to effectively engage their best students and increase enrollment.


Encoura supported the Cairn admissions team by first providing a market analysis, funnel analysis, and students who were most likely to enroll, as indicated by the Smart+ Predictive Model. Once the university had identified these current market trends and their prospective students, it trained their entire staff to easily understand their specific territories with visualized reports using the Encoura Platform. Together, Cairn and Encoura then focused the university’s communication strategy on geofencing summer students, transfer students, and strategic regions they wanted to grow in order to hit their enrollment goals.

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Our recruitment strategy centers on geography, fit, and targeted marketing. We had been using online ads to reach prospective students, but now we are strategically targeting best-fit students with geofencing. I used this to recruit for summer, transfer, and strategic regions we wanted to grow. It has empowered me to use the data I have in the funnel more effectively.
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While his background in student affairs certainly equipped Cairn’s AVP of Admissions to engage prospective students, it was his decision to rely on the right enrollment partner and technology that brought the university across the finish line in increasing online engagement and overall enrollment. Going forward, Cairn University now has an enrollment team that is equipped from top to bottom with easy-to-understand, powerful data science, enabling recruiters to eagerly own their territories and leaders to more effectively set recruiting goals. With a double-digit increase in enrollment and impressive digital ad engagement, the university knows that strategically focusing digital messages on the students most likely to enroll and markets most likely to yield is a recipe for success.

Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
Increased enrollment over the last 2 years (up 17% in first year)
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
Staff taking ownership of recruitment territories with visualized reports
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
Transfer student geofencing clickthrough rates soared
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