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Growing Enrollment by Bringing Data to Life


Like most colleges and universities, Cairn University knows that each enrollment cycle is both a challenge and an opportunity to reach new student groups and markets to increase enrollment. In 2018, Cairn teamed up with Encoura to boost enrollment and generated a 17% increase in enrollment in the first year. This year, with the population of the Northeast changing, Cairn dedicated itself to reaching strategic students–like homeschooled high schoolers–to get a lead over its competition. Knowing that the admissions team was in a training stage with new staff, the university’s VP of enrollment management turned to its long-standing partnership with Encoura to develop an effective strategy to reach these new populations to grow enrollment.


Cairn knew that this new strategy would be most effective with the right technology to bring its data to life. The enrollment team and its Encoura Regional Director leveraged the Encoura Platform to view three-year comparisons of its funnel, to use the Smart+® predictive model to focus on prospective students most likely to enroll, to access parent/guardian contact information to engage the entire family, and to do one-on-one analyses with each counselor to strengthen recruitment in their territories. With a foundation of strong data and training, the university was then able to build an effective marketing strategy and webinars to reach these right students and their families.

Funnel Optimization

Strategic Enrollment Consulting

Funnel & Market Analysis

Advanced Student Search

Encoura Combined Data Set

Smart+® Predictive Model

Declared Student Connection™

Parent Emails

Digital Solutions

Custom Audience Targeting

Mobile Geofencing


Next Gen Custom Audience

Keyword Retargeting


Campaign Performance & Recommendations


Enrollment Lens®

Class Planner®

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My Encoura Regional Director, Carolyn, consistently understands me, my team, and my institution. She can instinctively pinpoint the mission of a university and translate its distinct identity into specific tactics and strategies that will uniquely empower our university to succeed. She also has been a part of our team in strategy and training sessions to ensure my team is the best it can be.
VP of Enrollment Management
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As a result of Cairn’s comprehensive strategy that builds on its past performance, assesses its current situation, and creates a data-backed path for future engagement with the right students and their families, the university has successfully positioned itself in a solid enrollment position for the second year in a row. With solid enrollment funnel insights, strong connections with parents/guardians, and engaging digital marketing solutions, Cairn achieved a 12% increase in 2023 enrollments and is confident that its 63% increase in 2024 applications will lead to a successful yield season this year.

Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
23% increase in 2023 applications
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
12% increase in 2023 enrollments
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
63% increase in 2024 applications
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
Continuous, interactive communication with parents/guardians

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