Customized Solutions to Boost Your Enrollment Inquiry Generation

Spark strong interest from prospective students in your institution with customized solutions proven to attract college‑bound high school students.

Connect With Students Earlier in Their College Search Journey

Students are thinking about and researching colleges earlier today than ever before. Make sure that these students know about your school when they start considering their options.



Keuka College

Encoura Digital Solutions’ online ads–like this one featuring Keuka college–can get your institution’s brand in front of students who are starting to consider their college options.

Increase the Number of Students Engaging with Your Institution

As an enrollment leader, you know that higher enrollment inquiry generation is a necessary step toward application generation. Let us help you increase your brand awareness to most strategically attract more inquiries.


Salem State University

Leverage creative designs that reach and inspire new populations–like this one Encoura Digital Solutions created for Salem State–to increase the number of prospective students engaging with your institution.

Accurately Represent Your Institutional Identity or Brand to Prospective Students

Brand awareness is a crucial first step in inquiry generation, but ensuring students relate to your institution’s identity is even more important. Help these students see themselves fitting in at your school.


Alma College

Show off your campus, student body, school spirit, and values through upbeat, engaging videos, like this one from Alma College, to get students excited about picturing themselves on your campus.

Engage Prospective Students' Families

The majority of today’s students rely heavily on family support through their college search journeys. Make sure that you are engaging siblings and parents/guardians to assure them your institution is a fit for their student.



Central Methodist University

Make sure that parents/guardians also know about upcoming visit days or tour opportunities at your institution so that they can support their students. Share invitations–like this one from Central Methodist University–that include a call to action for families to sign up.

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