Effectively Shape Your Next Class with Proven Digital Enrollment Solutions

Strengthen your student body’s diversity, engage specific student populations, and promote individual academic programs with Encoura Digital Solutions to enroll your best class year over year.

Engage Specific Student Populations to Enhance Your Student Body

Every enrollment leader has specific student population goals in their recruitment. Encoura Digital Solutions leverages the latest Eduventures® research to ensure that you can engage the students you seek with your best messaging on the right platforms.



Pennsylvania College of Art and Design

Feature your campus’ unique strengths and values to attract students who will thrive there, like Pennsylvania College of Art and Design did through their partnership with Encoura Digital Solutions. This short video highlights the hands-on experiences and professional connections that students can expect, inspiring students with an Experiential Interest Mindset toward college.

Highlight Your Financial Support to Assure Students and their Families

Diversify your class by assuring students who aren’t sure if your institution is financially possible for them. Ensure prospective students have the crucial information they need to know they have your support.


Keuka University

Reassure your students and their families that an education at your institution is attainable for them with exciting videos like this one that Encoura Digital Solutions created with Keuka University.

Extend Your Institutional Brand to New Markets

Leverage digital marketing in new areas where you’d like to engage students. Grow your brand by highlighting your institution’s identity and values to new students.


University of the Ozarks

Showcase what makes your institution unique to students who may not yet be considering your school. Give them a peek into what opportunities would be open to them, like University of the Ozarks did here when they teamed up with Encoura Digital Solutions.

Feature Specific Academic Programs

Boost growth of a new or existing academic program by marketing its strengths and experiences that prospective students can look forward to.



University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Promote specific programs with bold, engaging ads that encourage students to learn more, like UNL did here for their broadcasting, journalism, and sports media programs by working with Encoura Digital Solutions.

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