Achieve Your Enrollment Goals With Adult Prospect Research™

Understand the driving factors behind prospective adult and graduate learners.

Stay Competitive in the Adult Learner Market

The Eduventures® Adult Prospect Research examines the current state of the adult prospect landscape and evaluates adult learner perceptions, expectations, and motivations for postsecondary education. Understanding these trends can help institutions refine your adult, online, and graduate program strategies to strengthen your competitive position in the market.

Successfully Engage Today’s Adult Learners

Understand the Shifting Demographics of Adult & Graduate Learners

Ensure your programming and outreach addresses the unique concerns of today’s adults in order to get them to act and apply to your institution.

Tailor Your Recruitment Strategy to Speak to Their Motivations

Refine your marketing value propositions for adult learners to clearly communicate that you both understand and can accommodate their needs.

Refine Your Adult and Graduate Program Strategies to Stand Out From the Competition

Diversify your program mix, leveraging adult program and modality preferences, while emphasizing ROI to attract more prospects.

Your Adult Prospect Research Deliverables

Initial Sample Report of Your Institution’s Responses

Ahead of delivery of your completed report, you’ll receive a sample of your Adult Prospect Research report in the Encoura Platform.

Access to Results in the Encoura Platform

Leverage your results to make informed decisions regarding recruitment, enrollment, and support services for this growing and increasingly diverse student population.

Strategic Discussion With an Expert Advisor

An expert from our research team will highlight key findings and recommendations for you and your enrollment management team to make the most out of your data.

Delivery Mode Dashboard

Discern learning mode preferences of today’s adults, as well as how far they would be willing to travel for any on-campus coursework, to inform your delivery mode decisions and communications.

Research and Marketing Dashboard

Discover where today’s adults are learning about potential programs and which factors are most likely to convince them to enroll to shape your recruitment efforts.

Mindsets Dashboard

Understand the motivations, preferences, and plans of today’s prospective adult students, as well as the distinct college and career expectations of each of the four Mindsets, to speak to what matters most to each segment.

Prospective Adult Learners Mindsets


Eduventures Research will design, host, and analyze an online survey of prospective adult learners. There are two options for participation:

  • Provide your prospective student list – The benefits of providing your own student inquiry list include: understanding the quality of your leads and inquiries, targeting new markets, obtaining data on out-of-state inquiries, and others. We recommend that your list consist of a minimum of 10,000 unique names to yield a sample size suitable for analysis.
  • No list? No problem! For those without existing prospective student lists, we can obtain one for you. We will work with our panel provider to create a sample of qualified adults within a geographic area surrounding your institution. A regional sample can be procured either for a low additional cost or bundled into your subscription.

Speak to the Motivations and Expectations of Adult Learners

With Eduventures’ Adult Learner Mindsets, your institution can use behavioral and attitudinal mindsets to adjust your messaging and target the right market.
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