What’s the Best Search Strategy?

Do you feel your search strategy is proactive or reactive?

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I’m Chris Tyburski, vice president for higher education consulting here at Encoura with today’s Enrollminute.

Many of our clients are trying to change their approach to search to make the most of their time and their budget.

Traditional Search

One of the most traditional ways of doing search is in stage two preset schedules. You may do an initial drop in January, do another drop in March or April, and then do a final drop in June or July—let’s say for sophomore and junior search.

While this has been effective over the years, we find that it’s actually better to execute search continuously.

Continuous Search

Continuous search means picking up students and prospects as they become available to you, so that you become the first inbox both in front of the students and their families, making you more likely to become the school of choice for those students.

It also allows you to change your game plan in flight: if you see gaps in your funnel, you can make adjustments to make sure that you don’t fall behind. You can also monitor your budget in real time so that you’re seeing what you’re spending as the campaign is going on and you don’t get caught short at the end.

Many of our clients who have adopted a continuous search process have seen great results and improved response rates, hitting their goals and staying on budget.

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