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Agile Strategies That Achieve Goals


After staffing and team organization changes disrupted the usual recruitment and marketing processes at the university, Reinhardt knew it needed to build a new strategy for the upcoming year. The university now had one team for admissions and marketing to all audiences - traditional and adult/graduate students - and was determined to maintain enrollment numbers, despite needing new processes and training. The team quickly realized that the right enrollment partner could empower it to effectively focus its resources to best serve all audiences while juggling multiple priorities with a newly combined team.


Reinhardt University’s enrollment leadership reached out to Encoura to integrate advanced technology and consulting into its new strategy. Together, Reinhardt and Encoura built out a regional market approach–going beyond primary markets–using data from the Encoura Platform and Enrollment Marketing Services campaigns to pinpoint specific high schools they could engage to increase enrollment. Additionally, the team supported these regional efforts with a revamp of their honors program with scholarships. To amplify this new strategy, Reinhardt and its Encoura consultant team ensured that the university’s marketing efforts captured the interest of a wider audience to reach more students who were a good fit.

Funnel Optimization

Strategic Enrollment Consulting

Funnel & Market Analysis


Eduventures® Student Mindsets™

Advanced Student Search

Encoura Combined Data Set

Smart+® Predictive Model

Parent/Guardian Emails

Digital Solutions

Mobile Geofencing

Custom Audience Targeting

Short Video

Search Engine Marketing

Search Keyword Retargeting

Enrollment Marketing

Student Omnichannel Campaign

Parent Omnichannel Campaign

Custom Landing Page


Campaign Performance & Recommendations


Enrollment Lens®

Class Planner®

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A top benefit that Encoura brings to Reinhardt is bringing in a strategy that complements our enrollment strategic direction with our specific student population. Encoura is finding right-fit students that not only go through the application process, but they enroll and are successful. They are also instrumental in helping us strategically spend our budget to find the right students so we are no longer using more resources than necessary by casting a wide net.
AVP of Enrollment Management
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As a result of its agile strategy, Reinhardt University has seen great internal and enrollment successes. Internally, it is experiencing increased collaboration between the admissions and marketing teams, a new ownership of its brand, and strategic financial investments in scholarships and its website. Through targeting the right students with Encoura in its recruiting and marketing, the Reinhardt team has developed a new ownership of its brand messaging and digital marketing, increased the academic level of its applicants, and surpassed its previous year’s deposits for the second consecutive year.

Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
11% increase in enrollment last year; 21% increase this year
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
300% increase in regional higher academic students from the previous year
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
Hit top of funnel stretch goals

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