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Insights from the Goldman Sachs/Harvard University Global Education Conference

This past week, Eduventures attended the Goldman Sachs/Harvard University Global Education Conference, two days of presentations and moderated discussions among a number of key voices in edtech. The theme of this year’s event, “opportunity and equality in the knowledge economy,” focused on the importance of cultivating partnerships between higher education and employers. Photo cred: Blackboard / via Twitter @Blackboard A number of presentations for leading edtech companies showcased ways their technology tools can be used to strengthen these employer partnerships. Three Perspectives from CEOs of Leading Ed Tech Companies
  • McGraw-Hill Education on the role of adaptive learning. David Levin talked about the ways to use adaptive learning technology to not only personalize learning for students, but also for employers. Essentially, the platform creates individualized experiences that, in turn, make learning more customizable to employers’ needs by producing more responsive and agile learning environments. With better data about student learning, this process is further enhanced when employers actually weigh in on learning experiences and outcomes. Employers thus help shape learning environments, which adaptive platforms easily facilitate.
  • Blackboard on the retrieval and application of student-centric data. Jay Bhatt talked about the ways in which his company is making strategic investments in the production of more student-centric data and data sharing tools. Essentially, Blackboard’s learning management system (LMS) can be used to bolster communication with employers simply by offering them greater visibility into data housed within the learning environment. For instance, Bhatt shared insights into ways Blackboard can be used to collect and track data and make it more readily actionable for employers through visualization tools, content and competency mapping, custom analytics, and collaboration features.
  • CorpU on the benefits of cross-organizational training and collaboration within a corporate learning platform. Alan Todd talked about the ways in which the company’s online course development and social learning platform is being used to facilitate collaboration between corporate leaders and academic institutions. Essentially, the platform acts as a content delivery tool and a shared resource for use among various stakeholders involved in student learning. As a resource for subject matter experts, corporate trainers, bosses and supervisors, the platform helps to develop digital content, courses, and skills- and scenario-based training modules, and to customize curricula.

The Bottom Line

Partnerships are necessary for shoring up higher education’s value proposition in a knowledge economy. But partnerships can only go as far as the extent of the technology tools you use to strengthen them. Whether through adaptive learning, an LMS, or a course development platform, take full advantage of the ways technology can serve as a catalyst for improving communication, trust, and transparency with your employer partners. To further explore Eduventures’ ongoing research on employer partnerships, read our recent Wake Up Call, The Bottom Line On Corporate Partnerships.  

On the Horizon

We have been busy over the past few weeks! We have met with executives from DIGARCWambizRed ShelfProctorioMatchpointProctorcamBocavoxLICASFull Measure EducationProctorU, and Blackboard. Keep an eye out for our analysis to follow.    

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