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Top 5 Posts of 2016: A Look Back

On balance, 2016 marked a year of maturation for higher education. More institutions turned to technology to solve problems both old and new. All things “learning” attracted much of this attention, from the evolution of the learning management system (LMS) market to re-imagined market niches like learning relationship management (LRM) and learning analytics. Online and continuing education programs tested new programs and marketing campaigns to drive demand amid slowing growth. In many ways, these events and others reflect a broadening institutional focus, from increasing enrollments alone to tackling the student experience in a more meaningful way. If you wanted to give it a label, you might call it the year of “student success.” 2016 also saw a growing awareness, particularly among traditional institutions, that it is time to seriously prepare for a new, tech-savvy generation of students to hit our campuses. With Millennials now increasingly populating the adult learner market, institutions must put their energy into preparing for Generation Z—students approaching college search with expectations for a more personalized experience. These trends are reflected in the most-viewed Wake-Up Calls by 2016 by you, our readers. As you reflect on your own accomplishments in 2016, we have included our top 5 posts of 2016 below. Enjoy, and thank you for your readership!

1. Three Reasons Higher Education Should Prepare for Re-Gen

Three Reasons Higher Ed Should Prepare for Re-Gen Kim Reid outlines the student mindset of Generation Z entering higher ed institutions.  

2. What’s Driving LMS Buying Behavior?

What’s driving LMS buying behavior? Jeff Alderson breaks down our recent LMS Deep Dive to see why institutions would switch vendors.  

3. Eduventures' Student Success Ratings are Here!

Eduventures Student Success Ratings are Here! Kim Reid unveils our 2016 Student Success ratings and highlights the institutions driving success.  

4. Myth Busters: Continuing Education Edition

Myth Busters: Continuing Education Edition Howard Lurie addresses 4 myths of schools of continuing education.  

5. 42: The Answer to Life, the University, and Everything?

Eduventures Wake-Up Call: 42: The answer to life, the university, and everything? Richard Garrett takes an in-depth look at 42, a convention-shattering coding university.  

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