Breaking Through the Noise with Efficient Student Engagement Strategies

60 mins

Efficient student engagement strategies are key in making the class. Florida Atlantic University shares their story.

This year, a record incoming class will forge its path at Florida Atlantic University. Building on multiple years of success, the team at FAU continues to evolve its search strategies with data, research and agile execution. Brent Ramdin, President at ACT | NRCCUA facilitates a conversation with Maura Flaschner, FAU’s Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Joel Vander Horst, FAU’s Director of Admissions and Enrollment, and Chris Tyburski, Regional Vice President of Encoura Enrollment Services at ACT | NRCCUA. They discuss how FAU was able to mature its enrollment practices and partner with ACT | NRCCUA to make the class by communicating student-centric pathways via the most relevant channels.

Our new Encoura webinar series, Making the Class, is designed to provide a framework for best enrollment practices and will feature the latest research, insights, and candid conversations with our member institutions. Join us as we hear from colleges and universities that managed to overcome the challenges of the last recruitment cycle and share best practices to help you make your next class!