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Cal Poly Humboldt
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Creating New Pathways to Growth & Success


With a new rebrand and an ambitious student enrollment goal, Cal Poly Humboldt (previously Humboldt State) set out to distinguish itself from its previous identity. After multiple years of decline in enrollments, the university was ready to forge a new pathway to success that included a plan to move beyond regional recruiting and into opportunities in out-of-state markets. The Director of Admissions and Strategic Communications knew that to reach the goal of turning around enrollment in one cycle, his team would need to understand why students were melting and how to deliver messaging that supported and resonated with students.


Cal Poly turned to Encoura to get expert data and research that would reveal to the enrollment team a trustworthy strategy for growth. The university’s Encoura enrollment consultant was able to provide an accurate picture of the national student market, point out specific areas for best recruiting opportunities, and empower the team with advanced predictive modeling that focused their student search resources most strategically on students most likely to enroll. Additionally, the team leveraged research on students’ perceptions and college expectations to deliver personalized marketing to students and families.

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The Encoura Platform for a recruiter is dynamic. It provides a wealth of information for our recruiters to pull from so they can better understand their regions, their students, and areas where they are growing or lacking.
Director of Admissions and Strategic Communications, California Polytechnic University, Humboldt
Director of Admissions and Strategic Communications, California Polytechnic University, Humboldt logo


As a result of the collaborative strategy created and executed by Cal Poly and Encoura, the university saw its inquiry and application numbers soar. After successfully launching digital marketing campaigns and equipping the full admissions team with data and tools to do their best work, they have achieved the enrollment goals set out at the beginning of the partnership. With a strong grasp on the market and prospective students’ expectations (Student Mindsets™), Cal Poly Humboldt has achieved a 55% boost in enrollment over a 3-year period and is currently 11% ahead of last year’s benchmark.

Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
Increased in-state and out-of-state inquiries and applicants
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
Refined campus visit program to better meet students’ needs and expectations
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
55% growth in enrollment by year 3
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
Currently, already up 11% in enrollment over last year

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