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Partnering with a Shared Heart for Students


In addition to the academic excellence, purpose, and beauty offered to incoming classes, University of Northwestern’s prospective students wanted assurance of health and safety—a common concern among college bound students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The university faced a combination of health concerns, widespread skepticism about enrolling in a pandemic, and students’ flooded inboxes from virtual communications. Northwestern knew that they needed to find a way to stand out from competitors and assure students that their university was the right choice for them.


In order to connect and engage with students in the midst of their questions, the enrollment team turned to a long-time partner, Encoura, for renewed methods of traditional marketing and digital engagement support to further drive enrollment success. The research, knowledge, and strategy brought from the partnership was invaluable to the Northwestern enrollment team. The plan was to work in collaboration with Encoura to reach the right students at the right time with the right message in order to reach enrollment goals despite the pandemic.

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“I can’t think of a time when we haven’t moved forward with a recommended strategy given to us by the Enrollment Services team. Whether it’s feedback on subject lines or groups of students we should reach out to, I can be sure that it’s based on strong data and a broad view of the industry. It extends our knowledge and reach.”
Vice President for Enrollment Management
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As a result of the collaboration with Encoura, University of Northwestern has strengthened its campus as a whole. From an enrollment team with strong professional development to faculty who now have the tools to best engage incoming students, the university has established an environment that can best support its students and families. In addition, Northwestern successfully focused its resources to reach students most likely to enroll with marketing that is producing thriving open rates and engagement. As the partnership between the two grows, Northwestern looks forward to continuing to apply Encoura research, data, and services to its enrollment strategies to engage and care for its prospective students.

Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
Highly accurate list of prospective students who would enroll at Northwestern
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
Data-backed email communication strategies to optimize student email open rates and engagement
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
Faculty equipped with admitted student data to engage incoming class
Website engagement 5 times higher than previous campaigns
Professional development from top thought-leaders across the country
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