Quickly & Easily Visualize Digital Marketing Campaign Results

Access easy-to-understand, detailed reporting of your Encoura digital marketing campaigns to assess performance and make strategic decisions for future marketing..

Clean and Clear Digital Campaign Results

Leverage your Digital Solutions Reporting dashboards to access campaign analytics that drive past campaign evaluation, future campaign planning, funnel assessment, budget allocation, and leadership presentations.

Visualize Your Overall Campaign Performance

  • Explore a summary of all your Encoura Digital Solutions to assess the outcomes of your campaigns, including an overview of your interest, engagement, and brand recognition changes.

Track Progress Toward Campaign Goals

  • Quickly identify how far you’ve progressed toward your campaign goals, and how many impressions are still needed to achieve success.

Confidently Prepare Team or Leadership Presentations

  • Export campaign results to easily share reports and make presentations for your enrollment team, marketing team, board, or leadership.

Reveal Results and Key Insights From Specific Campaigns

Identify Important Campaign Metrics

  • Review the results of your display, search, and video campaigns, including specific metrics on impressions, clicks, clickthrough rates, and actions.

Strategically Evaluate Your Campaign Performance

  • View campaign performance by ad creative, monthly trends, location, keyword, action taken, and more to effectively plan future campaigns.

Filter Campaign Results for Deeper Insights

  • Filter your results by campaign type, funnel solution, student type/cohort, and more to gain a deeper understanding of how your campaigns are supporting your marketing and enrollment goals.

Reach Students Where They’re Most Engaged

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